Why NikahNamah?

Why NikahNamah?

NikahNamah is the leading Muslim Matrimony and Muslim Shaadi Brokers in India. NikahNamah was started in 2010 and so far has been deemed as No #1 Muslim Marriage Bureau in Bangalore with thousands of Muslim Brides & Grooms dynamic profiles from Bangalore. With 100’s of prosperous Muslim Marriages in Bangalore, we are one of the oldest and most trusted Muslim Shaadi Brokers in Bangalore. With the most extensive collection of Muslim Brides & Muslim Grooms, NikahNamah is the most trusted and exclusive Muslim Marriage Bureau option for preferring a Muslim bride and groom all around Bangalore.

Few of our accomplishments in Muslim Matrimony sections include:

  • Around 10+ years’ expertise in Muslim Matrimonial Services in Bangalore and across other locations.
  • NikahNamah has its Muslim Matrimonial Site and App for latest Muslim Matrimonial Service.
  • More than 100’s of prosperous Muslim Matrimonial Shaadi’s have been arranged.
  • An extremely professional team of Muslim Shaadi Brokers in Bangalore to make your journey of seeking life companion easy.

By Allah’s blessing, we have been fortunate to be a part of many prosperous Muslim Shaadi partner search in Bangalore. The endless reference we have been getting from our flourishing arranged Muslim marriages is the most significant proof for the quality matrimony assistance we have done to Muslim communities. The topmost reason why we are the best option when you are searching for a Muslim bride/groom in Bangalore is due to our constant flourishing proof in the field of Muslim Shaadi.

We are slowly extending our reach to profiles from all over Dubai and India, adding Muslim Brides and Muslim Grooms profiles from Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Jharkhand, Kerala, Hyderabad, Chennai, etc. Our target is to become the No.1 Muslim Shaadi Brokers in Bangalore, India, and Dubai.

NikahNamah is the leading Muslim Matrimonial Site in India as well as in Dubai because of:

  1. Global Presence & Wide set of Profiles: Our service is even extended to Dubai and we have a wide set of verified profiles from various locations.
  2. Easy Registration: Registration is made easier.
  3. Profiles are Manually Verified: All the registered profiles are manually screened and verified. We make sure that the profiles updated are genuine.
  4. 100% Safe & Secure Site: Our site is 100% safe and secure. All the data are stored securely.

We get this topic raised by a lot of our Muslim brothers and sisters (and their families) scanning for top Muslim Matrimonial Services in Bangalore. Their interest is justified by viewing their extra-large TV ads, Newspaper Ads advertising Muslim Matrimonial services. Whereas they have discovered about NikahNamah only from their familiar network or have seen them through functions or Muslim Shaadi in Bangalore. So we determined to differentiate ourselves and the type of strategy we have in creating Muslim Marriages getting settled in Bangalore at a faster pace. Few of the diversity we noted and has assisted us to get to the top spot of Muslim Matrimonial Sites in Bangalore are listed below:

  • Our aim is to focus purely on assisting Muslim Brides and Muslim Grooms in Bangalore whereas their approach is targeting all locations, geographies, and religions making them more generalized. Our primary focus is currently for Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, Kerala, Pune, Jharkhand, Hyderabad, and internationally in Dubai.
  • Our charge for Muslim Matrimonial services for Muslims is relatively very low and affordable for people looking for Muslim marriages in Bangalore and other locations. Our Muslim Marriage services don’t have any time or date validity. In online Matrimonial portals, the difficulty is that it is completely automated and somebody from your family has to cooperate with the other party which sometimes transmits a bad taste if the communication bridge doesn’t operate smoothly. At Nikahnamah, our front line Muslim Marriage Brokers makes sure that each party’s expectations are refreshed in the portal and we act as an admin filtering out things which make the matchmaking process more continuous. This way it benefits both Muslim Brides and Grooms families to retain their supremacy, have a clear expectation and progress with the next step only if all or any of their criteria are met.
  • In other marriage portals, sites compromise on the safety and data breach for paid members. So any registered members can see and show curiosity in your profile even if they don’t meet your criteria. So you start getting junk or spam profiles on your inbox making it difficult to distinguish between legitimate and fake profiles. So to help out on this, the Muslim Marriage Service of Nikahnamah has a specialty that displays the profiles to the registered member only if they fulfill 50% of the required criteria for the next step of Muslim marriage.
  • Unlike traditional Muslim Shaadi Brokers in Bangalore, you don't have to call us every time to get an update. The system itself automates if the other members have shown curiosity in your profile. We usually prepare the first encounter at our office and if all goes accurate the next method of Muslim Marriage fixing is done at Brides and Groom habitations.

Apart from our Muslim Marriage Consultant office in Jayanagar, Bangalore, we also provide Muslim Marriage services in below locations:

  • Muslim Marriage Service in Chennai
  • Muslim Marriage Center in Pune
  • Muslim Marriage Consultant in Hyderabad
  • Muslim Marriage Service in Mumbai
  • Muslim Marriage Service in Kerala
  • Muslim Marriage Consultant in Jharkhand

Also, we provide Muslim Marriage Service Internationally as in Dubai.

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