Arrange Marriages v/s Love Marriages.

Arrange Marriages

According to a 2012 study by Statistic Brain, 53.25 percent of marriages are arranged worldwide.

In arrange marriages families are involved in selecting the spouse for their children, after knowing each other's values, traditions, and culture, they proceed further and unite their children, in a bond of marriage.

In arrange marriages, the understanding between the couples is very strong, based on moral values. No matter what takes place in their relationship, couples in arranged marriages, don’t give up on each other.

Couples in arrange marriage explore many new things, likes, dislikes, the interest of each other are known as time passes.

The best part of arrange marriage is falling in love with each other after marriage, the joy of knowing that the person you are married to is perfect for you, after falling in love is beyond anything.

As love takes place after marriage, life becomes very pleasant and worthful, the dependency on each other in every aspect of life, the togetherness, that bond, are just unexplainable things.

Love Marriage

The percentage of love marriage worldwide is 46.75%. Love marriage is the systematic way of choosing a spouse, independently, after understanding each other completely; having known each other likes and dislikes, choices. The couple looks forward when they find that spark or quality of becoming each other's soul mate.

In some cases love marriages aren't planned, they start with a friendship, slowly that friendship changes into love, further the couple plan to give their relationship the name of marriage.

Even Islam allows Love before marriage but within boundaries and with an intention of marriage only. There is nothing wrong at all. Because in the future couples are going to live with each other, not their families. It is good to involve the families from the beginning itself when you are planning for a love marriage.

You have got all the right to select your partner when you are ready for marriage. More than your parents you better know what kind of person you can live with.

When you finally find someone where your heart feels comfortable, with. When you look at them you feel, this is the one! When you are capable of accepting their imperfection and responsibilities. Then what are you waiting for?

Sometimes the universe tries to give us the clues; even then we seem to be ignorant, waiting for the right one. Remember the right one isn't going to knock on your door until you make the efforts.

Conclusion: Both arrange and love marriages are best at their places, the goal of everyone is the same “Marriage" but the routes are arranged or loved one.

The beauty of love in arrange marriage is discovered as the time passes. Whereas in love marriage it is from the beginning itself.

There are no such things that arrange marriage lasts longer than love one, it depends on the bond of relationship that makes it last longer.

Marriages are not decided by humans, it's already written by the best of writers.

But it's humans who dominate one favorably and other unfavorably.

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