What causes cracks in a relationship?

When there is no trust, honesty, feelings, love, and respect for each other relationships would just become a compromise, isn't it?

In today’s blog, we will be discussing the reasons that cause the cracks in the relationship.

Lack of trust: Trust is the basic foundation of any relationship, and then thinks about marriage, whose roots are the only trust, without roots the tree cannot stand at all. Overcome what is limiting you from trusting your spouse; there is nothing that cannot be solved with sweet words.

Lack of Honesty: Honesty is being truthful, no matter even if it is against you. people find concealing things a better option than speaking honestly. Lack of honesty in a relationship doesn't let it grow at all.

Insecurities: Becoming suspicious about your partner, doubting everything they do may finish their love and respect for you. Suspiciousness is a kind of disorder that is the major cause that breaks the relationship.

Egoism: It’s good to accept your mistakes certain times and to forgive, or else: "I am right, you are wrong," will destroy your bond.

Comparison: Why compare? Your existence has a completely different reason than others, if Allah (S.W.T) wanted your life to be like others, then he would have blessed you with the same things that others have. Remember Allah is the best planner, he knows what you need, he is aware of everything. Don't ask Allah (S.W.T) for what you need, ask him to bless with what is perfect and best for you. Start accepting rather than expecting, life becomes, easier and beautiful this way.

Respect: Respect takes place with actions, deeds, and qualities; it takes a lot of hard work to build your respect in eyes of your spouse. Think before speaking anything hurtful because respect cannot be regained. Respecting each other’s thoughts, efforts, actions would gradually raise the status of the relationship. Abusing your spouse with your tongue may destroy your image in their eyes, and weaker your relationship too.

Love: Is there anything that is stopping you from loving? Don't ever stop showing your spouse how much you love them, or else this may make them feel that they lack something. Love is necessary for a long journey.

Sympathy: Help out your spouse, with whatever they are facing with, even if your words can heal spouse, then why don't you do it? Be the shoulder for your spouse at the time of difficulties, or at times when they need you the most, this may strengthen the relationship.

Forgiveness: When you accept yourself after thousands of mistakes, then why do you see faults in your spouse? Everyone commits mistakes, your spouse is your better half, protect them from your own blames. And forgiving is the best habit.

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