The prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said:' The best of you is he who is the best to his wife'

Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) treated his wives with utmost love, care and respect. He helped them, encouraged them, and supported them.

It was told that he also helped them in their household chores and spent quality time with them. His humbleness and respect were shown beautifully when he went on knees for support to help Aaisha (R.A) climb on the camel, this shows the respect he had for her was beyond measure. 

Islam also beautifully describes the status of women in Islam in a way that when ALLAH is pleased he blesses with a daughter and when a man is blessed with two daughters and gives them pious upbringing they become a shield between hellfire and their father. When she marries she completes half of a man’s deen and when she becomes a mother paradise lies under her feet.

A man’s character is raised when he respects his wife and agrees to take on her responsibilities. By the above explanation, you can see how a woman is and should be treated, it’s sad that in our society there is a stigma of women being lower than men.