Obsession or Love factor?

How soon the relationships are built, Youngsters in today's era rush very soon into a relationship, be it a friendship or a marriage.

Before engaging into any relationship ask yourself these questions:

1) Do you want them?

2) Or you love them?

In today's blog, we will be discussing very important topics that are completely different, but a few people mistake them as the same.

What is love?

Love is a constant feeling that never changes, built due to impressive qualities, such as sincerity, honesty, character, etc.

What is an obsession, crush, or infatuation?

Obsession maybe because of name fame, attraction, beauty, etc. Obsession or crushes are a result of temporary distractive unanticipated feelings.

Love is permanent and obsession is temporary.

Sometimes obsession is mistaken for love; people consider their obsession as the love of their life, and hurry to get married, as days pass the obsession fly away making everything normal.

But this is not the very same thing with love; it is something which is the same from the first to the end. Love is interesting, and obsession becomes disinteresting over time.

So seek love instead of crushes or infatuation.

For a marriage to lasts long it requires the essence of love..

Don't ever consider a crush as a love. Crush is a pleasurable distraction that tempts you, again and again, holding no meaning with it. Love is genuine and it is an open reality.

Don't fool yourself; you are wise enough to differentiate the things.

Be serious while considering someone as your future spouse, you cannot just tell yes because of their popularity, status, or if you are attracted to them.

Qualities are the most important things to be considered while selecting a spouse; everything fades with the time, except for the inner qualities.

When the obsession is taken as love, it will leave you with lots of regrets later.

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