Why are the heartbreaks?

Everyone faces the heartbreaks. In today’s blog, we will be discussing the reasons for heartbreaks.

The very first mistake committed by anyone entering into a relationship is submitting their mind and heart to a person they love. They feel that they are the world, life, etc. to them.

Some people are very sensitive they hand over all their secrets, past, weaknesses, strength to a person they love.

They start expecting that the person whom they love will never hurt them or leave them. After all, love is such a blind thing that makes us forget the world.

Certain rules to avoid heartbreaks.

Attachments: Never attach yourself to someone so much that you forget loving yourself when they leave you.

Be wise: Never do the mistake of giving your heart away for few sweet and romantic words, don’t involve your mind into this. So when your heart is broken, your mind will be there to handle you.

Expectation: This is the common thing that takes birth automatically; don't expect anything from anyone, except from ALLAH (S.W.T). Expectations will end having lots of disappointments.

Tips to overcome heartbreak:

Forget and move on: Everyone has a past. Think that it was a nightmare, and finally your eyes are open now. Forget it; concentrating more on your past will spoil your future too.

Trust: Don’t stop trusting, the issue is with having a blind trust, no relationship lasts without trust. Trust a person only to an extent.

Don’t blame yourself: Your past doesn’t define you, those were the situations, and don’t forget Shaytaan is your open enemy, don’t ever give him a chance to play with your mind.

Positivity: One incident cannot destroy you, you are strong enough to handle these little storms, and you have a beautiful life ahead. Don’t stuck move on and be positive and hope for positive things.

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