All men desire for a companion, who is best in character and looks. Men are very choosy, and wise when deciding their life partner.


In today's blog we will be discussing the qualities men look for, in their future wife.


Let's be honest, no matter what their past has been, or how many women they have dated, but they expect their future wife to be the best, attractive, and with no past at all.




APPRECIATING WIFE: Men want their wife to be appreciating towards them rather than complaining, they want a wife who would appreciate their efforts and accept them the way they are. Men wants a wife who doesn't try to change him, one who is not ruling over him, rather one who is always listening and respecting towards him.


LOVING: There is no taste in life without love, men want their wife to shower huge love on them.


MOTIVATING: Marriage is a long journey, you require someone who would always motivate you, and love you the way you are. Encourage you at every aspect of life. One who stands with you in difficulties and love you unconditionally. And always make you realize what do you mean to them. Husband wants their wife to be motivating.


A GOOD CHARACTER: Only a good wife treats his husband with respect and love, and raises his children in a good manner, teaching them the discipline and giving them the right knowledge of deen. So, character is the one of the important things men look in their spouse.


RESPONSIBLE:One who is responsible, will only take care of him and his family. Even this is the significant quality men look, because they want their family to be treated good.