A beautiful journey with your soul mate.

Marriage is a wonderful journey with your soul mate.

Marriage is one of the biggest and important journeys of life. A journey where you already know your companion.

Trust, love, care, respect, appreciation, and attention are the few things that you carry with yourself on this journey.

An endless journey that doesn't end at this Dunya rather continues till Jannah.

At the beginning of the journey, you may feel uncomfortable, but slowly everything seems to be normal.

You may face hurdles, ups and downs in this journey, your bond and trust in each other can make you face everything more easily.

And remember this journey is incomplete without your sacrifices and contributions.

No matter what comes your way try not to give up because this is just a journey, not a destination. Your destination is hereafter (Jannah).

It is not so easy to get to your destination; you may reach your destination only when you have followed the rules of your journey.

Every next step of your journey may be surprising and adventurous. But you need to trust the Plans of the Almighty and pray to guide you on the right path in this journey.

In this journey, you will be able to discover a new relation of a best friend in your spouse.

Love, emotions, and feelings for each other grow deeply.

The marks and struggles of this journey will make you feel proud and worthy in the end, and you would be rewarded for your journey in Jannah Insha’Allah.

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