Life after divorce.

Not every relation is sunshine, some face storms too. But these storms are for your betterment. It depends on how you take out positivity, in those tough situations.

Divorce doesn't make you a bad person. Your divorce is not an end of your life; it’s just a part of your life.

This Dunya is just a test, we have been sent down here to learn lessons of life. Nothing takes place without the knowledge of Allah, He is your creator he understands your heart better than you do. Remember he only plans that which is best for you. Never ever think that Almighty is been unfair to you.

Never think that life ends after divorce, it rather makes you a strong person, and more mature.

How to start a life after divorce:

1) Move on: The past cannot be changed, do not waste your time by thinking about your past. Focus on your present, focus on the things which are in your hands.

2) Do not lose hope: You cause more damage to yourself by losing hope, by letting things grow in you like depression, anxiety, etc. Hope for the best and seek the help of Allah.

3) Overcome the fear: Fear will not let any good things to take place, overcome your fear that is stopping you from thinking good. "When the door closes on you, it's because life knows you deserve better. And if we really knew our worth, we would close the door ourselves."

4) There is nothing wrong to give a thought on second marriage: Not every person you meet is right for you. So Islam gives one enough right to remarry after a divorce.

5) Take your own time: Don't hurry to marry, just because your children need a father/mother. Don’t repeat the mistake which you have done before. Think twice before taking any decision, understand the person, and share your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and past. Only after that look forward to marry.

6) Be honest: Don't try to hide the past, be truthful, and don't ever feel guilty and ashamed about discussing your past with the person whom you intend to get married. Keep things clear to maintain peace in your relationship in the future.

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