You cannot read a women's mind. Because she is a mess of unfinished thoughts.

Do you think a woman will not enquire about you before marrying?

Remember you are only passed in the test of getting selected when you have these qualities:

1) BEHAVIOUR AND CHARACTER: Behavior matters; you cannot fake sweetness or good character in front of her. Don't you think that she will not enquire about your background, real behavior, your past, and your present, what you do, etc.? She will definitely do.

Your behavior shouldn't be to impress the women you want to get married. Be real, because it is good to not hurt others with your fakeness. Because fakeness fades away soon. The reality stays even after death.

Even if a person is good in his character but his behavior doesn't justify his character then it's of no use.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said," the best amongst you are the ones who are best to their wives."

Behavior and character are the mirrors that showcase your identity.

2) Deen: A woman will also look at how good you are with your religion. Because if a woman truly loves you she will not just want to live with you in this Dunya but will also want to reunite with you in the highest level of Jannah. For which she will want a man who keeps her Imaan protected. And help her with a better understanding of Deen. Because in Islam it's not 'till death do us apart' rather it is "Till Jannah unites us again."

3) APPEARANCES: Appearances are equally important, have you come across the words "love at first sight"? Do you think it happens just because of looks? Obviously no, appearances equally matter. Appearances in the sense, the way you keep yourself or present yourself, neat, clean in a decent way, with good dressing sense and hairstyle, etc. This is one of the important qualities a woman looks in a man.

4) LIFESTYLE: Behavior and appearances are not enough, your capabilities, livelihood, lifestyle are also significant. Not everyone is born with a silver spoon, it depends on your hard work, efforts, and sacrifices that you make, to create yourself. A woman is not interested in knowing what your dad does or his business status? What matters her most is your capabilities and stableness. Because In the future she is going to live with you.

5) HONESTY AND SINCERITY: Hard to accept, but the reality cannot be concealed. Yeah, women expect their ideal partner to be sincere and honest. Women don't like the man who is not firm on their commitments, and one who tries to cheat. She leaves her world to enter your world; can’t she expect even honesty from you? No one is perfect, but one can try to be better every day

So these are the few things a woman looks for in a man.

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