Ways To Prepare For Marriage

People in today's era are very much concerned about their wedding, right from their clothes, to hairstyles, and shoes, everything is pre-planned in the best manner. Let me ask you one thing are you really prepared for your marriage?

What is important you feel wedding preparations or marriage preparations?

Well in today's blog we will be discussing about the preparations before marriage.

1) Expect less accept more: No human is perfect on earth, so it's better to not hurt your expectation with the dream of a perfect spouse. Everyone has imperfection and flaws so instead of expecting perfect pair, try to be one. Happiness lies in accepting rather than expecting.

2) Start working out of your comfort zones: All these days you were single, and after marrying you will have responsibilities. You cannot dream about being the same what you were before marriage. Wake up; it’s better to change, rather than realizing it later and regretting.

3) Sacrifice: What is love? Love is the other name of sacrifice, giving up the things you love the most for the sake of another person is love. No marriage is successful without sacrifice. This is life, known as an adventurous journey, tough situations may come your way at any time, and wisdom lies in adjusting in those situations without blaming or complaining in a smarter way.

4) Patience: You need to have huge amount of patience and tolerance within you to survive in marriage. Give up your anger, anxiousness, or short Temperedness etc. In the tough situation seek the help of Almighty, indeed the help of Allah is near.

5) Your past has nothing to do with your present: Remember, everyone has past, you cannot judge anyone looking at their past, what really matters is how they've transformed now. You might have past, and your future partner may also have past. One of the best things you can do to your future partner is to never recall their past and make them uncomfortable, even if you know it. Sometimes words are better unsaid.

6) Quality of forgiving: You don't just have to tell Qubool during your nikah, you have to even make sure that you are applying it. It is said that when you decide to love, you have to make your heart as a graveyard, to bury the mistakes of your loved ones in it. You need to have the quality of forgiving.

7) Marriage is not one side process: To make a marriage a successful one, equal contribution of love, care, respect, hard word, togetherness, etc. should be there. You need to help your partner in difficulties, by standing firm beside each other.

So these are some of the tips for preparing before marriage.