How to establish a happy relationship.

Everyone wants happiness without any efforts. Is it possible to get something without any efforts or hard work? Obviously no.

Well in today's blog we will be discussing the things to make a relationship healthy and long-lasting.

Most of the relationships end due to lack of understanding, friendship and love. People fail to understand that these are the very necessary things to develop and build a healthy relationship.

A tree is just not grown by itself; it requires proper seeding, caring, and parenting. In the same way marriage doesn't become successful by itself, it initially requires mutual understanding, trust, love, care, and respect to make it a successful one.

A relationship of a husband and wife is very fragile, it depends on them how they make it a strong one by never giving up on each other and facing all the storms of life together.

By marrying, you find a best friend, whom you can share all your thoughts, emotions, feelings etc. without any hesitation.

Key steps to maintain a good relationship

Motivating - There should be encouragement among each other, no matter what the situation is, you should never stop motivating each other, because it is one of the key to build respect, love and friendship among each other.

Understanding - Don't insults them with anything you don't like about them, love is a great language that can convince and change anything. Do not take the path of anger, all it does is destroy your image in the eyes of your spouse, have patience and keep quite in tough situation in spite of speaking hurtful talks.

Forgive and forget - No one is perfect everyone has flaws, every one commits mistakes, not forgiving each other can develop egoism and poisonous thoughts in the minds of each other and destroy the relationship. So it is necessary to have forgiven and forget policy between each other to continue a journey in dunya and hereafter.

Love - Love each other, don't ever hesitate to show how much you love your spouse, this will make your bond strong.

Appreciation - Appreciate each other's efforts, Appreciation may bring you closer towards each other. Happily accept the efforts that your spouse makes for you.

Quality time -Prioritize time to spend with your spouse, share your experiences, likes, dislikes, memories, thoughts, with your partner or take them out for a dinner or somewhere . This can help you build friendship among each other.

So these are the things that would help you maintain a healthy happy relationship with your spouse.