Meeting a Potential Marriage Partner.

Meeting a Potential Marriage Partner is allowed in Islam, in the presence of Mahram. This meeting is to understand each other views on life, and know compatibility.

Islam allows to look at his/her marriage partner and to speak about necessary matters, about to do with the marriage, and the men is encouraged to look at his partner, when thinking of proposing because that will bring their heart's closer together, and generate the love and compassion that are the aim of the marriage.

It was narrated from Al mugheerah ibn shu'bah that he proposed marriage to a women, and the prophet (PBUH) said: “look at her for that will help will bring your hearts together.”

Narrated by Al Tirmidhi (1087): He said: This is a Hasan hadith.

What it means is that it helps you to create love and harmony, between you, because if you marry her after having gotten to know her in most cases they will be no regrets.

Looking is more serious than speaking, so if the conversation have to do with the marriage, and where they live, and how married life should be. So that he will know whether she is familiar with the issues, there is nothing wrong in that, if he wants to propose her for marriage.