Forceful Marriages in Islam

Forceful marriages are forbidden in Islam. Islam is a religion of peace, and it does promote any kind of forcefulness. Things are beautiful when they are accepted voluntarily, but purposefully forcing anyone to do something they are not happy about, may give rise to hatred which can last life long, and destroy the love and respect among each other.

Unquestionably parents have the rights over their children, and it's their duty to listen and respect what their children tell. Especially it happens in the cases of the daughters, where the parent's fix the marriage even before asking their daughter's acceptance, this is not the way; everyone has got the right to express their thoughts.

Everyone has the right to choose their spouses. Islam has given us enough freedom to choose our spouses because, in the end, you have to stay with your spouse’s not your parents.

Most of the couples in forcible marriages end up by cursing their partners and parents who pushed them into it.

There are situations where parents having known that their children are already into the relationship with someone else, they still force them to marry the person they have chosen. And most of the people agree to their parent’s decision to get married to the third person, even though they love someone else. Doing this is a sin; you cannot ruin the lives of other people by loving someone and marrying someone else. You have to be very much firm on your commitments and decisions, because you’re answerable for each and every single deed. Love marriage is not haram in Islam; you have got all the right to select your spouses.

So brothers and sisters avoid yourself and your parents from such sins.