In-laws in Islam

In today’s blog we will be discussing how In-laws are to be treated

Duties of Daughter- in- Law

"It's a responsibility of daughter-in-law to be dutiful towards her in-laws and to respect them in the same manner she respects her parents. Make efforts to keep them happy, and avoid hatred.

“"Everyone is rewarded for the effort one makes." (Qur'an20:15)

Undoubtedly everyone has flaws, insulting other's is never the way of correcting them, instead it causes more damage and proves that we need help ourselves. Don't hurt them with your words, actions, expressions or attitude, would you have done the same thing to your parents. We are humans best of Allah (S.W.T's) creation, we are sent here to do good deeds, and not for spreading hatreds. And surely everyone is tested with one or the other thing.

Prophet Muhammad (S.W.S) said: Every act of kindness is charity.

And be patient over what they say (73:10)

Only a good wife will encourage her husband to love and respect his mother, without encouraging any barriers between them or separating a son from his mother, because she knows what the status of a mother is.

Duties of Son-in-law

It's not just a responsibility of daughter -in -laws to be dutiful, even the son- in-laws should be equally dutiful towards their in-laws.

As a husband expects his wife to keep his parent's happy, in the same way even his in-laws expects him to keep their daughter happy.

Son-in- law should respect the loved ones of her wife and be kind, loving and dutiful towards them.

Why to respect each other in laws

Because this is how you can please your spouses. Doing this can increase the love, respect and your worth in the eyes of your spouse.