Divorce in Islam

The Arabic word for divorce is talaq which means "freeing or undoing the knot". Divorce refers to legally ending up with the marriage.

There is no guarantee that the Nikah can last forever, but it all depends on how tight you can hold on each other to make your nikah successful, following with mutual respect, love, commitment, duties and obedience.

Their comes certain circumstances in the lives of husband and wife, which may lead to unwanted disputes arise from misunderstanding or commitments.

However the husband and wife cannot directly claim to divorce, for silly issues, it is necessary for a couple to resolve their issues in one or the other ways, Even though if the things do not seem to be well, then the final option should be divorce. Divorce also has many stages.

There are some Islamic laws to be followed for a divorce to be conducted legally in the light of Islam.

It is reported that the prophet Muhammad said, - "The most hated Halal by Allah is divorce."

You need to be very carefull, because the almighty knows what is in your heart. So you need to be very clear and honest with your intention, during such circumstances.

Triple Talaq in Islam

It is referred as the instant talaq, and islam doesn't permits triple talaq in any circumstances.

Our peaceful islam is so beautiful that it gives one enough time and opportunities to fix the relations.