When your wedding day is only a few weeks away, you know you need to get into shape. But the stress of it all, and the responsibilities of being the bride can weigh down on you. Honestly, who's got time for the gym when you got a wedding to plan? Honestly, a month before your wedding is very crucial and we know you're looking for a fitness plan for a bride aka for yourself before the wedding bells come ringing.  

You need to look after yourself holistically to ensure that you look like a true 'pataka' on your wedding day. Whether you're working with a Korean routine for the perfect skin, looking to de-stress yourself before the wedding or just looking to sweat it out and work on that figure, we've always got you covered. And this time, it's all about the right fitness plan for the bride paired with the right diet plan for 30 days.

To make your pre-wedding journey smooth, we've devised an all-round fitness and diet plan for brides. So scroll down and do try it out!

30 Day Fitness Plan For Brides-To-Be

Thinking how to be fit before the wedding day? Having a dedicated workout routine is very important for anyone. Now, we cannot ask you to go to the gym every day, given the situation due to the Coronavirus Outbreak. However, we can always give you useful tips on how to work out by yourself at home. So, we've devised a fitness plan for brides with exercises that can be done without any equipment support and indoors.