Dowry also known as (jahez in Arabic) is an amount of money paid to the groom by the bride’s father during the marriage. The demand of dowry is very common in today’s era, seems like a bride is married for her properties, things, and money that she carries to the groom's house after the marriage. Dowry is the greatest evil deed which further gives birth to many more evil deeds. Islam in no situation promotes such evil acts, as it is considered as burden on bride's father. Over the years the daughters are not accepted happily, just because they do not benefit their parents, rather increase their burden. It is nothing such at all; it is society that has created all such scenarios. Daughters are actually the sign of blessings in Islam.

Apart from dowry there are many new rules created by modern society, right from the food of Nikah to the convention halls, everything is decided by the groom’s family, that are highly expensive and unaffordable by the bride’s father.

Our beloved prophet said “The best nikah is the one with the least expenses."


In Islam dowry is paid by the groom, rather the bride's father which is named as (Mahr). That is for financial support of the bride in the future. Islam doesn't allow the bride's father to bear all the expenses rather it permits that both the parties should equally bear the expenses of marriage. Our beloved prophet said “The best nikah is the one with least expenses."

It is totally fine if the bride's father happily gives something to his daughter as a gift of her marriage, because even our Prophet (S.A.W.S) gifted many things to Fatima (R.A) on her nikah.

But grooms are not allowed to demand for dowry, as it is prohibited in Islam.