Based on a survey conducted amongst USA singles, men are looking for the following qualities in women. Without further ado, let’s check this list out!

Men secretly want multi-dimensional women. What does a “multi-dimensional woman” look like and act like?

Well, this woman is very elegant when she is in a social context with her partner. But she is extremely fun-loving and humorous when she is relaxing at home.

A multi-dimensional woman is very serious and professional when she is at work. Yet when she is traveling with her partner, she becomes an adventurous and curious woman.

Last year, a dating expert from a Hindu matrimonial website jokingly said to single ladies, ‘If you’re dressed like a professor, act like a dancer! If you’re dressed like a showgirl, act like a librarian!

Obviously, those are just some jokes, but that is actually a pretty good idea which explains the meaning of ‘multi-dimension’ vividly.

Men truly, madly, deeply desire drama-free women.That means drama queens only look good on TV. Period.

When men are looking for wives, they aren’t looking for drama queens. Instead, they are looking for respectful and inspiring women who are mature, wise and sophisticated enough to stay married in the long run.

Research conducted by Muslim matrimonial USA shows that women who know how to manage their emotions tend to be drama-free, whereas women who allow their emotions to be out of control usually have a hard time finding a stable and healthy relationship.

Men highly value virtue, innocence, loyalty and femininity.When you are on a first date with a new guy, please do not show off your academic qualifications, professional licenses and career achievements.

Yes, it’s okay to casually talk about these things gradually in the future. But if you deliberately show off these early, you are telling a guy two things:

  • You are validated by what you have achieved academically and professionally rather than traditional values that feminine women often have (e.g. loyalty, innocence and virtue).

  • You are probably insecure, so you need to use your achievements to make you look high-value and confident.
I know this isn’t something that you want to hear, but it’s the ugly truth.

Worse still, when you show off your certificates, degrees, powerful network, successful business and wealth, you are very likely to attract the wrong men – you’re teaching men how to treat you: because you have a lot of useful resources, men can date you in order to use you (or marry you for the wrong reasons).

Truthfully, if a guy likes you simply because you are a high achiever in your career, he isn’t an alpha male. Remember: an alpha male wants to protect his lady and provide for her. (Source: Matchmaking)

Therefore, you would be well-advised to emphasize your feminine qualities when you are on the first date with a new man.