Haldi Ceremony

Marriage is incomplete without its beautiful traditions and cultures. Have you ever heard about the quote "The journey is always beautiful than the destination? “In the same way, the tradition and culture performed are more beautiful and memorable than the marriage.

There are so many traditions performed pre and post marriage, but today we are going to discuss the colorful tradition "Haldi".

Part of an Indian marriage culture “Haldi ceremony" it is celebrated a day before the marriage ceremony.

Where the close friends and relatives of the bride and grooms appear to apply the Haldi (turmeric) to the bride and groom and enjoy their happiness.

In this ceremony bride and groom wear yellow apparel and even the people present to celebrate the ceremony prefer to wear yellow apparel.

Haldi is just not applied to the bride and groom but celebrated as a festival. Haldi is usually played by the friends and siblings of the bride and groom. Haldi ceremony brings back much love, fun, and happiness around.

Why is Haldi applied?

The natural herb has anti-inflammatory properties, which purifies the skin and adds on a glow to the couple's face. It is also told that the color brings prosperity to the life of the couple.