1) Hold Hands and Hug Her in Public
Even if you’re a shy guy, this is the least you can do to bring a smile on your partner’s face. The next time you take her to the beach, try holding hands and walking and this will put all your issues aside. Holding her hands in public, embracing her on meeting and on parting will take her breath away!

2) Express Your Love
Sprinkling text messages saying, “I love you” during your work hours is a great way of expressing your love. This way she’ll know that you think of her even when you’re at work. Therefore, it will be a gesture she’ll love the most. You can leave her a text when you wake up, another text for lunch or you can call her up just to say I love you, and I’m missing you. You’ll make her day, trust us! Every woman dreams of a romantic boyfriend, so this is a sweet way of expressing your love even when you’re not together.

3) Plan a Candle Light Dinner
This idea is a sure shot hit among women. Book a table for two at her favourite restaurant on a special occasion, if it’s her birthday or that special day when you proposed to her, etc. If you want to spend sometime in private, you could even invite her home and light candles all through the house. Spray some good fragrance and play soft music. Hold her hand and tell her what she means to you and that how much you love her. If you plan to be at home, order for her favourite food at home and pair it with some wine or champagne. She’ll love you for taking all her work-day troubles away with this simple plan.

4) Cook Her a Special Meal
One can cook up a storm in the kitchen, in their lady love’s absence, as a way to surprise her when she comes home. If you want to make her happy, cook her an exotic meal like spaghetti, pizza or something special. If she likes the food, tell her that the cook deserves a kiss for doing all this. Pick up a single spaghetti strand from one end and let her pick it from the other end with her mouth. Start eating the spaghetti from both ends. On reaching the center, kiss her. Isn’t this romantic enough? She will remember your special home-cooked spaghetti and the tender kiss for as long as she lives.

5) Gentle Touch  
When you’re in the theatre or at home, hold your love close to you, and gently play with her hair. There needn’t be any verbal exchange. Just silence and love! Gently kissing her forehead as she falls asleep with her head on your shoulder. These are little things you can do to show how much you love her..