“Give women their dowries (Mahr) with a good heart..” (QUR’AN 04:04)

“In Islam Dowry ( mahr) is for women not for Man. Mahr( Dowry) is an amount of money gifted to the bride by the groom at the time of Nikah.

Mahr in other term is the financial security to the women. It is obligatory for a husband to pay mahr even if his wife is rich in status.

There are many forms of mahr such as it can be in the form of money, land (property), jewelry, clothes or anything that should hold financial value for the future financial security of the bride.


Islam doesn't force the groom to pay a high amount of mahr it should be under his capabilities.

The husband in Islam should pay the mahr at the time of nikah and should not postponed it. As postponed Mahr is disliked by Allah (S.W.T).

If the husband intentionally doesn't perform the mahr rites of his wife then as mentioned in the hadith he will have a major punishment in the grave and it would be considered as a great sin.

“Indeed among the greatest sins before Allah is that of a man who marries a woman, and after he fulfills his need with her, he divorces her and takes her mahr; and a man who hires another man but does not give him his pay; and a man who kills an animal without reason.”[As Sahihah no: 999]

So brother's try to give the best mahr at the time of nikah as soon as possible and save yourself from the punishment of the grave.