People had big hopes and plans for their wedding, nobody knew something would go wrong all of a sudden.

The condition that occurred as a result of Covid-19 changed everything. Many weddings that were scheduled to be performed on a certain date have been delayed.

A lot of people who thought they would do their wedding grandly ended up with a simple celebration.


While there is no idea when this scenario will come to an end, you must realize life cannot be as planned every moment, Covid-19 has given us the best example, anything might happen at any moment.

You need to accept things rather than expecting. You need to acknowledge it, and you need to behave completely by the situation.

It hurts because you have been planning for too many years, days, months, and it does not happen. It is not your fault then; do not forget that you always have solutions and choices.

You can still marry at this time, but you need to eliminate something to make it possible. You can still accomplish your goal, but with a few adjustments.

Trim up your list of guests: Invite only close relatives, do not make it packed, to have a peaceful wedding.

Safety Precautions: Perform your wedding under safety limits, use a mask, and maintain a social distance, to minimize the risks. And keep yourself and others protected from harm.

Conducting marriage at home instead of the conventional hall: You cannot trust any places or convention centers when it comes to your safety, at this time, especially when it comes to hygiene, food, etc. So have a unique experience by marrying at home and have fun with your close ones indoors instead of outdoor.

Make it as simple as possible, without much expense: Even though you had big savings for your wedding, do not spend it in one go, instead, make use of this great chance, and contribute in the blessed way of supporting the needy, how happy it would be to please Allah (S.W.T) at the very beginning of your journey with your soul mate.

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